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It pays to hodl. Get rewarded for waiting for your stack. More the wait, better the rewards.


Exit your chit whenever you want. Just trade your posiition to the person in need with ease.

How Chits Work

Chit Value

The prize money of the chit, basically the total value of the pot.

Chit Period

Typically equal to the number of months as the number of members in the chit.


Users subscribing or joining a chit. They bid every month during the Chit Period for the Chit Value.

Why StackUp


Decentralized smart contracts protocol protects StackUp from hackers.

Better Returns

Smart way to Save and Borrow. Get gauranteed returns for your investments.


All the information is publicly available to all users. It also ensures trust in the system.


Many customizations and features help users explore plethora of options at StackUp.


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